Staging Server

Staging Servers are used as a temporary stage to test new or revised websites, web pages or web applications before they go live for the global audience.

Staging Environment

A staging server may consists of two components:

1. Staging Database Server

2. Staging Server

1. Staging Database Server

The staging database server contains the database resources like a company's business data, such as product catalogs and marketing campaigns that you want to stage to the database servers before production.

Yourbusiness users update business data in the staging environment and then you can decide whether to approve the changes and incorporate them into the live run-time environment or discard them. The staging environment makes sure that disruption of the run-time site and services is prevented by isolating the test and production systems.

2. Staging Server

The staging server serves as a mirror of the production server for business management.

You can create staging projects and paths on the staging server to deploy website's updates from the staging environment to the live environment. Staging server can also be used to deploy updates to geographically distributed environments across WAN (Wide Area Network)..

For instance, business users and you web developers might update various aspects of a website at your local data center, where your both test and production environments reside. However, you might also maintain production environments in any other place or multiple places. Therefore, you can use CSS (Commerce Server Staging) on the staging server to deploy local website updates to the production servers in other remote places.

About this subdomain (

This sub domain is serving as a staging server for our company Any website or web application placed on it, is temporary and can be removed any time.